Don't Miss the Partial Solar Eclipse on Thursday Afternoon.

A partial solar eclipse will be visible, weather permitting, Thursday October 23, 2014. More than half the sun will be obscured by the moon at the peak of the eclipse. The following from the awesome website, gives the exact times:

Local times for eclipse in Idaho Falls on Thursday, October 23, 2014

Partial Eclipse begins Oct 23 at 3:00 PM 211°29.5°. The Moon touches the Sun's edge.Maximum Eclipse Oct 23 at 4:22 PM 230°19.9°. Moon is closest to the center of the Sun. Partial Eclipse endsOct 23 at 5:36 PM 245°8.6°. The Moon leaves the Sun's edge.
Sun is close to horizon, so make sure you have free sight to West-southwest.

Times are local for Idaho Falls (MDT - Mountain Daylight Time).


Unlike lunar eclipses, you must be very careful when observing a solar eclipse. DO NOT look directly at the sun!!!!!

The following safety tips are from

The safest way to view a solar eclipse is by using a pinhole in a piece of cardboard to project the sun. This is particularly effective with an eclipse near sunset, like this one. Punch a hole a couple of millimeters in diameter in the middle of a piece of cardboard, and tape it against a west-facing window. This will project a perfect image of the eclipsed sun on a wall opposite.

Do not use binoculars or telescope to view the sun unless you have a properly designed solar filter, such as the full aperture solar filters available for all telescopes at any store selling astronomical gear. Do not improvise with home-brew solutions, as permanent eye damage is likely to occur.

Enjoy this natural wonder and do it safely.