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Welcome to! My name is Terry Thomas. I'm a professional wildlife biologist, photographer, author and naturalist. I love everything about nature and I love to learn and teach about what I learn.

We are developing this site as a place where visitors become friends and we all share ideas, experiences, and even our favorite wild places. Our goal is to help us all find ways to get outside, to learn, to explore, and to educate. I hope you'll join me often as we explore the natural world together.

Mission Statement

People care for the things they know and love. My mission is to help people understand and appreciate the natural world and to inspire all of us to better care for it.

Nature is a place of stunning beauty, raw action, and awesome power. There is something for everyone if you just know where to look. That is what this website is all about: bringing the natural world to your fingertips through inspirational writing, photography, and education. We'll show you where to find what you are looking for, and hopefully we'll introduce you to places, animals, plants, and ideas that you will find interesting and exciting. One of our goals is to help you and your family get the most from every excursion, have fun, learn about the environment, and even become an expert naturalist if you so desire. 

The Apaches believe that wisdom rests in wild places. To gain its wisdom, one must sit in that place. Another one of our goals is to help you get out and find those places.  is not about looking at nature, but rather, looking into nature and being tutored by what we see, applying and sharing the messages.

For those who find getting outside and close to wildness a bit intimidating, we hope to unravel some of the mystery through education. We'll help you replace fear with wonder as you discover an incredible new world, often as close as your own backyard.

 As you navigate through the website, you will find useful ideas and products to help you relish any adventure outside. We will bring you ways to enjoy time spent outside with your family and teach your children to embrace nature through games and activities outside.

Finally, is a place of sharing. We hope that visitors will share their ideas and thoughts about the out-of-doors, personal  experiences, places to go, and ways to enjoy every aspect of being outside in a world where getting dirty is part of the fun!

There are many pages on this website and we try to add something new each week. Check back often to see new additions.

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Watch here for news of upcoming events and other noteworthy activities

May 28, 2016 there will be a birdathon hosted by the Snake River Audubon Society and Friends of Camas NWR. In short, a birdathon is a fundraiser/contest where you pledge a certain amount per bird (or a flat rate) and on the given day, you head out to see how many birds you can find. this contest is open on all state and federal refuges/WMAs in eastern Idaho. This can be an individual or a team event. If you have questions, you can contact Chuck Trost, Birdathon Chair, 208-233-4538.

On Sunday June 5th, there will be an awards potluck picnic at Camas NWR.

You might find out more on the Friends of Camas website as well.

Join Friends of Camas National Wildlife Refuge Here

Check out my latest blog post on our recent trip to southern Utah. Nature Blog

I have posted a new lesson in the Photography classroom. This one is on Foreground, Middle ground, Background. Will post another on shooting landscapes from a moving vehicle (!?!?!) very soon. Photography classroom

Road Openings

Local Roads are beginning to open for the season. Check our nature blog to find out what, where and when. You may have to scroll down a bit.

"WOW. What a phenomenal piece you wrote. You are amazing." Jennifer Jackson

That is embarrassing but actually a fairly typical response to my nature essays. Since The Best of Nature is created from the very best of 16 years of these nature essays published weekly in the Idaho Falls Post Register (online readership 70,000), The Best of Nature is a fine read. It covers a wide variety of topics including humorous glimpses of nature, philosophy, natural history, and conservation. Readers praise the style, breadth of subject matter and my ability to communicate complex and emotional topics in a relaxed and understandable manner.

Everyone can find something to love in this book. From teenagers to octogenarians, from the coffee shop to the school room, these nature essays are widely read and enjoyed.

Some of the essays here are my personal favorites, others seemed to strike a chord with readers. Most have an important message or lesson that will resonate with you. They are written with a goal to simultaneously entertain and educate about the wonderful workings of nature. Some will make you laugh out loud and others will bring a tear to the eye and warm your heart.

Readers Write:

"You hit a home run with your article on, Big Questions in Nature. It should be required reading for everyone who has lost touch with nature...great job!" Joe Chapman

"We enjoyed your column, Bloom Where Planted. Some of the best writing yet. The Post Register is fortunate to have your weekly columns." Lou Griffin.

To read more and to order a copy, click here or get the Kindle version here

Copies are also available at:

Post Register

Barnes and Noble in Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center (425 Capital)

Perfect Light Photo Supply

Work Wearhouse

Museum of Idaho

Valley Books, Jackson Wyoming

Avocet Corner Bookstore, Bear River National Wildlife Refuge, Brigham City, Utah

Craters of the Moon National Monument Bookstore, Arco, Idaho