Senior Passes Go up $70!

Since 1994, one of the best deals in the country has been the Senior Pass to National Parks. For just $10, seniors could purchase a lifetime pass to all national parks and a wide variety of other outdoor recreation opportunities. Since my wife acquired hers in May, we have enjoyed discounts at campgrounds in National Recreation Areas and on Forest Service and BLM lands and even got free admission to a recreation area in Utah in addition to entering national parks free of additional charge. All for a one time fee of $10!

Well, Congress finally recognized that this was actually a bargain and moved to ensure that we wouldn't benefit like that again. On August 28th, the price for the senior pass will increase by $70 to $80. It is still a one time purchase good for the rest of your life though, so it remains a great bargain.

I will buy mine next year at the new price, but I would have bought the annual pass for the same price anyway and it doesn't give me 50% off in federally run campgrounds.

So, if you are 62 or will be before August 28th, be sure to pick up your pass. You can get them at any Forest Service or BLM office as well as at any national park.