Kilgore Gold Mine Exploration

As it is, Kilgore is a sleepy rural place full of quiet, scenery and wildlife. All that can change with the addition of a busy gold mine.

There is a proposal to allow test drilling for gold in the Centennial Mountains west of Kilgore. While the test drilling has its own impacts, the real impact will be the gold mine. The proposed mine will be a cyanide leaching process with an open pit and will put the entire watershed at risk.

It has happened often enough before that Montana has outlawed this type of gold extraction as have a number of developing countries where environmental regulation is often ignored.

You should be able to read or download the Draft EA at this link:

Gold Exploration Draft EA

You can also read the article I wrote about this in 2018 by clicking here.

We have through February 11, 2021 to comment on this proposal.