Birdathon 2018






Please show your support for the Snake River Audubon Society (SRAS) and Friends of Camas (FoC) by participating in our Birdathon in any way that suits you!  Both organizations are 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

The goal of a Birdathon is to see as many species of birds as possible in a set period of time and/or location. This particular Birdathon will be a fundraiser for FoC and SRAS.  Both organizations strive to support birds and their environment, and will split the net proceeds 50:50 to be used for environmental education, conservation, and scientific study.

How it works.  There are two options for participation:  Active and Passive.  Active participants go birding.  Record your sightings.  Fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You can (1) designate a dollar amount for a flat donation (e.g. $100) or (2) you can pledge a specific amount (e.g. $3.00) for each species you record. You are encouraged to solicit sponsors to make a pledge for each species you see.  Passive participant:  If you cannot participate in the Birdathon by getting in the field, support the FoC and SRAS environmental programs and your birding friends, by (a) sponsoring an active birder or (b) using the form below to send your donation. Return the form with your donation or pledge to arrive BEFORE June 9.

·        WHEN:  A single day starting Saturday May 27 and ending Monday May 28, 2018.

·        TIME: Any Time

·        WHERE:  Any or all of our federal refuges or state wildlife management areas in eastern Idaho

·        HOW: You may choose to go birding alone or as a team. Record your species.  Send the checklist and your pledge/donation as soon as possible (to arrive before June 9) or bring it to the pot-luck on June 9, 2018.  

·        AWARDS POTLUCK PICNIC.  All participants, both active birders and passive participants, are invited!

o   Enjoy a Birdathon Potluck Picnic Celebration on Saturday, June 9 at the pavilion at Camas NWR.  We will gather at 5:30 and eat around 6:00 or 6:30. Friends of Camas will provide hamburgers, buns, condiments, dishes and utensils.   Please bring a potluck item (salad, side dish, dessert) to share and whatever you’d like to drink.  Bring a friend

o   If you participated in the count and haven’t sent in your checklist, bring it and your donation or pledged contribution with you.

o   Also bring your guess on the number of species counted by all.  We will compile the species count at the picnic and celebrate!

o   If you completed a Birdathon count but cannot attend the picnic potluck, please mail your bird checklist and pledge donation to arrive before June 9.

o   AWARDS will be given for (1) most species seen by an individual or a team (2) most money donated or pledged (3) best guess of the total number of species seen by all Birdathon participants.


Pam Johnson, Birdathon Chair   Questions? Contact Pam at