2019 Bucks for Birds Birdathon

The Fourth Annual Bucks for Birds Birdathon coming up May 20th -May 27th will be a LOT of Fun! If you are a birder, what you do is share your enthusiasm for birds with people you know, and/or strangers, by asking them to pledge an amount of money per bird species you are able to identify within a single 24 hour period between May 20th and May 27th.  If your supporters would rather just pledge a fixed amount for your days’ worth of birding, that’s great too. If you are NOT a birder, please select a birder or team of your choice and make a pledge to them.

Checks to settle up pledges should be made out to Friends of Camas NWR. Proceeds will be shared 50/50 between Friends of Camas NWR and Snake River Audubon Society.